Alberta is at the forefront of clinical research to help develop new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and control cancer.

Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials (ACCT) was established to promote collaboration between the Cross Cancer Institute Clinical Trial Unit and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre Clinical Research Unit, supporting their work to ensure a consistent approach is taken to promote clinical trials across Alberta, while also working closely with primary funders such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF). To this end, the mandate of the ACCT is to:

  • Ensure the advancement and increased efficiency of cancer clinical trials in Alberta, and
  • Institute and formalize business operations and procedures for cancer clinical trials at the provincial level.

We aim to create an efficient, robust, and sustainable cancer clinical trials system by supporting the communications, collaboration, and coordination initiatives of the Cross Cancer Institute and Tom Baker Cancer Centre, thus contributing to the ultimate goal of building a cancer-free Alberta. Examples of this work include maintaining the Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials provincial website, overseeing the Provincial Investigator Initiated Trails (IIT) Review Committee, coordinating annual funding requests, and submitting financial and status updates to donor organizations.  

The ACCT has strengthened its patient engagement efforts with the recruitment and consultation of patient and family advisors. These advisors have provided feedback on the ACCT website, clinical trials brochures, represented Alberta at national meetings, and supported the ACF with the prioritization and screening of proposals for funding competitions. Their feedback was critical for a full refresh of the Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials website, making it easier to search and filter active clinical trials within the province.  

Over the past many years, the Alberta Cancer Foundation ( has generously invested in clinical trials throughout the province. This support provides cancer patients in Alberta with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clinical trials and goes towards supporting new, innovative therapies through the promotion of Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs).  

Clinical trials positively impact Albertans in a number of ways. Listed below are a few key examples:

  1. Clinical trials improve the quality of care provided to patients as they typically receive enhanced, more regimented care
  2. Clinical trials increase the job satisfaction and retention of high quality clinicians interested in pursuing research activities
  3. Clinical Trials enhance the profile of AHS and our affiliated academic institutions, and acquaint Alberta as home for cancer research and innovation. 

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