New Phase I Clinical Trials Booklet

New Phase I Clinical Trials Booklet

Navigating the world of cancer can be hard no matter what, but even more difficult without the right resources and education. Thankfully Cancer Care Alberta has great educational resources to guide and help our patients and their family members along the way. Offering the right information, class, or education resource when a patient needs it can make a big difference.

This September the Patient Education Team released a Phase 1 Clinical Trials booklet, with help from the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) Phase 1 Clinical Team who were the champions and leaders in this work.  Health literacy is valued. Provincially people jumped on board to provide feedback and support to this provincial educational resource for our patients and their families.

What are Phase I Clinical Trials?

Phase I trials look at how well a new treatment is tolerated and these trials are used to determine treatment dosage that can be safely given to patients. In general, Phase I trials evaluate new treatments that have shown promising activity in the lab and in animal models and/or new drug combinations. Phase I trial participation can be offered to patients who have advanced cancer that cannot be treated effectively with standard treatments or for which no standard treatment exists.

Key points of Phase I clinical trials:      

  • Placebos (inactive treatments) are not used in Phase I trials.
  • Usually include a small number of people (up to a few dozen).
  • Most often include people with different types of cancer.
  • Usually done in major cancer centers. 

You can read more about Phase I clinical trials, and access many more resources by clicking on the link below: